LPJ's Guide to Online Shopping on a Budget

LPJ's Guide to Online Shopping on a Budget

My ultimate guide for a baddie on a budget - I've been online shopping and discovering bomb online brands to score hard to find styles with affordable prices for years now. With these sites, you can make looking good on a budget an art form. Here are 9 of my best kept secrets (you can thank me later):


THE LOOK: Designer look-a-like heels and shoes from UK brand

PRICE RANGE: $25-$60

BEST FINDS: Ankle boots and heels

BONUS POINT: Affordable prices + chic styles when you can't afford Dior patent boots or Vetement heels 

Maniere Devoir

THE LOOK: High fashion x streetwear, neutral tones, minimalist

PRICE RANGE: $30-$70

BEST FINDS: Bottoms, bottoms, bottoms! 

BONUS POINT: Perfect pieces to style up or down


THE LOOK: The ultimate sneakerhead's playground!

PRICE RANGE: $80-$200

BEST FINDS: Hard to find styles from Nike to Puma to Adidas to Reebok

BONUS POINT: $10 on all orders for international shipping


THE LOOK: Romantic pieces x serious summer babe vibes 

PRICE RANGE: $30-$80

BEST FINDS: Flirty day-to-night dresses, crop tops and two piece sets

BONUS POINT: It's hard not to look bomb af in their clothes


THE LOOK: The cuter version of Forever 21 :)

PRICE RANGE: $20-$100

BEST FINDS: Tops & bralettes

BONUS POINT: 50% off EVERYTHING on the regular like it's too good to be true


THE LOOK: Pretty much anything and everything

PRICE RANGE: All across the board

BEST FINDS: ASOS is basically a one-stop shop for women and men, but it's a go to when I'm shopping for accessories like necklaces or sunglasses

BONUS POINT: Free returns!


THE LOOK: Flirty, retro, and forever Coachella ready

PRICE RANGE: $20-$200

BEST FINDS: Crop tops, two piece sets, summer dresses & accessories

BONUS POINT: Perfect last minute summer finds and festival outfits


THE LOOK: LA baddie alert

PRICE RANGE: $10-$70

BEST FINDS: Bodysuits, denim & night out fits

BONUS POINT: Great quality for a low price range

Never Fully Dressed

THE LOOK: Lace, satin, and major weekender vibes 


BEST FINDS: Jumpsuits and playsuits

BONUS POINT: Basically my dream wardrobe curated on one site