LIFE LATELY: Pisces Season

LIFE LATELY: Pisces Season

Even though summer is my favorite season of the year, Pisces season (second half of February and first half of March) might just be my favorite time of the year. My birthday falls somewhere in between, as well as my best friend Jess' and Rihanna's so there's that. This year was my golden birthday - turning 23 on the 23rd of February. Exciting as it sounds it was simply an excuse for me to go karaoke-ing with my friends and spend more money online shopping than usual :)

This will be the first installment of "MY LIFE", a reoccurring feature where I'll recap my life as of late - a more honest and personal side to my content that usually never makes it on here or the interwebz in general for that matter. 

Here's a camera roll look at this year's Pisces season:

Skirt skirrrt - new goodies thanks to Tobi!

Everyone meet Francis! He's a baby and sheds a lot and kinda smells but he's sooo cuddly and cute! Jess is adopting him but I get to hang out with him all the time :')

When almost everything in life costs money to enjoy - walking around the city with a camera is free.

Birthday behavior with some bad ones.

I was feeling myself in this cut out nude jumpsuit from Sabo Skirt <3

90s babies at the roller rink for Jess's birthday! #squadgoals


Reuniting with friends and supporting the homie Sol's album release

First time dying my hair a medium ash blonde! My hair's been going through it ever since I went really light, so this time when my roots had grown out to gross proportions this color was actually a great way to stay somewhat blonde and blend the color with my natural hair better. 

Comment below if you want me to make a how-to post / video! xo