Ripped jeans and Evergreens

Ripped jeans and Evergreens

Photos by: Marissa Alves

Wearing: Crew neck (Zara), Flannel (Thrifted), Pants (ASOS - reappropriated), Shoes (Zara)

I loved pairing this laid-back denim and plaid look with some strappy high heels to create an effortless, yet chic look. This is definitely something that can be recreated and made your own. I found an over-sized flannel at a store called "Crossroads" sometime ago, then cut up a pair of mom jeans, and bought one of the most generic Crew neck at Zara of all places...haha. There's a lot you can do with your wardrobe when you learn how to work with what you've got!

P.S. If you ever wonder what the Pac NW looks like during the winter time - this is a very accurate representation - foggy, wet, and earthy greens. Twilight is also a good reference.