Small Town Girl

Small Town Girl

Photos by Natalie Huyen

Top (I forgot...), Jeans (ASOS x diy), Shoes (ASOS)

Had the most epic girls' night with one of my good friends, Natalie, dressing up and galavanting around town on a Friday night, taking pictures in every nook and cranny in U-District.

It's times like this that make me really appreciate having friends like Natalie in my life here in Seattle. I always tell people who ask me if I ever get home sick since I moved here that at first I didn't miss home at all. The community here is so much smaller than it may seem and when I was the "new girl" the first year I came to Seattle I naively believed that I had made so many friends because people genuinely wanted to get to know me as a person, and for a while I didn't even have time to feel lonely. But it wasn't until I was no longer the "new girl" anymore that I started to see a lot of the people I met only really cared about the hype.

Where I'm from people don't give two shits about how many people you know or whether or not you're at the top of the social later. They don't hit up their friends to network and superficially spend time together. As much as I love the ambition and opportunities this city has, I'll always be a small-town girl who would rather stay home and get dolled up for a midnight photo shoot with her friend on a Friday night just because it's fun and they get to spend quality time together. In that sense, I'm more homesick now than I was three years ago. 

But it's after three years that I truly know who the real ass people in my life are, the ones I can really trust, and genuinely care about me. It's so important to find people like that in your life no matter where you are in the world.

Here's to all my small town girls living in a lonely world! ;)