Italy Pt. I: New Heights in Florence

Italy Pt. I: New Heights in Florence
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Last week my family and I were all together for the first time in over half a year, now that me and my sister are both moved out (I'm in school in Seattle and she's working full time in Austin), it's been harder and harder for the family to get together.

We decided to take the brief opportunity we had at the beginning of this summer to travel to Italy!! Our first stop was Florence. It felt like a Disneyland version of Italy, LOL. Picturesque alleyways, Italian mom and pop stores and restaurants, beautiful Italian men dressed in Armani suits (even though we had no idea what for), romantic sunsets and views overlooking a city that seems to have been so successfully preserved from historic times. We definitely reached new heights in this truly charming and unique city.

I'll be periodically posting about my Italy trip and each different city we visited throughout our 10-day trip. Stay tuned!

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