Unexpected Reminders

Unexpected Reminders

Photos by: Jordan Faralan

Wearing: Top (Zara), Skirt (Asos), Shoes (Nike)

Every time school starts it means two things: one, prioritizing will be the hardest and most important thing I need to do, and two, the sun and warmth of summer will now only exist in my dreams and blog posts. Might I mention, when it comes to keeping up with my posts, time and sun have always played a significant role. But on Tuesday I talked to my best friend/roommate/partner-in-crime, Jordan, about helping me stay consistent with photos, knowing that having someone I'm with everyday who is willing to take some quick snaps of my day's outfit will be a huge motivator.

I was prepared to trudge through the pouring rain if that's what it takes! But then yesterday - something happened. I opened my eyes and I thought I was in heaven. And then I remembered what it felt like to wake up to SUNSHINE. I was suddenly filled with purpose and conviction when I dressed for the day and I could't wait to hit up Jordan to take a few shots after classes. We go to a very plain, simple wall by the post office outside of campus and I choose a random spot to stand for pictures. It was overcast at that moment but you could still see blue in the skies. But then, it took a sudden shift of the clouds and light poured through, creating magic. I had no idea what was happening at the time but when we previewed the photos, I think I shed an imaginary tear. It's just those unexpected miracles that remind you that sometimes things are just meant to be.

I'm taking yesterday as a sign to keep pushing myself, to keep dreaming, and to keep pursuing the things that seem like they could only happen once every sunny day in Seattle.