An Introduction...

Age: 22

Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

Living in: Seattle, WA

What I do: 

  • Fashion - Blogging since Freshman year of high school
  • Dance - Choreographing, performing, and freestyling for about 5 years
  • Marketing and event planning (Red Bull, UW Hip Hop Student Association, Le Notre).

Aspirations in life: Own a french bulldog and be Beyonce, I mean, happy.

My most valuable accessory: Lipstick (apparently so valuable that I unintentionally carry 6 different shades in my purse at any give time...)

Weird obsessions: peeling things, fantasizing about dolphins and/or being a dolphin, watching Jimmy Fallon and Conan on Youtube late into the night.

Where did the name Le Penny Jar come from?: Le Penny Jar was originally a blog where I would publish poems and trains of thought during my most melodramatic, adolescent years. Towards the end of high school I realized I wanted to refocus the blog on fashion but essentially I was still some way or another putting my two cents in. Le Penny Jar was born.

How I would describe my style: minimalistic, unapologetic, refined and unconventional. I am a sucker for nuance - the subtle details that make all the difference. It truly is an extension of my identity and my fascination with how clothes can speak volumes by challenging the way people see and perceive the norm.

What inspired me to start blogging: I grew up in a small town near Boulder, Colorado and my longing to reach and connect with others who could identify with my personality, my passion was what kept me going through my weird awkward high school years, when I felt like I didn't fit in.

I want to represent the idea that having style is simply an extension of your lifestyle, and that lifestyle doesn't have to be an over-glamorized facade filled with name brands and exotic, jet setting destinations. You can be a small town girl worried about graduating college and working a 9-5, with no photographer boyfriend or flashy disposable income, and still kill the game. You just have to have a vision. Welcome to Le Penny Jar.